Creative Ways to Make Money Part-Time

Our 20s are a time when there can be several commitments preventing us from taking on a full-time job. I am a really big fan of time-management and during my studies and working part-time, I have been able to find the time to try all of the tips I am going to list down below! I tried focusing on things that are easy to start, require no investments and are fun! I can't wait to hear what you think about them, so let us get started!

1. Babysitting
Maybe you would not call this very creative, but it is an easy one to ignore. Nowadays there are many services online you can sign up to get connected with parents in need of a babysitter. If your neighbor's baby is crying at night, maybe go ring their doorbell the next day and offer help. I am sure many parents would not mind spending some money to get some sleep. I got my babysitting jobs through friends (they recommended me to their relatives) and through my relatives. I think this is also a really good way to get started, as your acquaintances are going to trust you from the get-go. In my first year of university, I often stayed overnight with the kids and so, was able to basically get paid to sleep. Looking after kids can be so much fun, there are an endless amount of ways to spend the time and get to know the kids a little better. If you love children, this is going to be the EASIEST job ever. I have spent so many great moments with the kids, always learned something new and enjoyed myself. The fact that someone is willing to trust their kids with you is also a big plus on a resumé.

2. Pet-sitting
I cannot tell you how much fun I have had with this! I would totally do it for free, and have done, but when I heard about a service here in Finland that connects pet-owners to pet sitters, I went and signed up as fast as light. After filling out your profile and picking the services and price ranges, you can sit back and wait for messages. I have been pet-sitting at owners' places for the most part, but you can also offer to pet-sit at your own place and charge a little bit of extra money for that. The best part for me is to be able to spend time with animals, as at the moment getting a pet is not possible for me. All the funny things they do and all the love they share totally makes up for the occasional clean-up.

3. Selling unnecessary items
You might think you have nothing to sell, but I promise you when you examine items and think about when the last time you needed them was, heaps of things will come up! It is pretty simple to just snap a picture with your phone (make sure the lighting is good) and upload it on one of the several online marketplaces for used items. I would also make sure to share openly the possible flaws in the item, as well as the overall condition. I also try to measure all the products or put something next to them in the picture, so people can have a better idea about the size. Same goes with clothes: instead of just reporting the size on the tag, describe it in more detail. Was it a bit snugger than the size generally is? Or perhaps the opposite? The more information there is, the better.

4. Teaching a language online
You do not need to be bilingual or a polylingual in order to do this. There is a big demand for English as a second language, and with a computer, headset and a stable internet connection, you are set to go! I am not saying teaching a language is easy, but that there are learners of every level. Maybe for a start, it'll be easier to teach someone who is intermediate in the language you want to be teaching, this way you have a language to properly communicate in. A good thing about this is that although the beginning is tricky, you learn a lot of useful skills (communication skills, teaching, maybe some words of another language etc.) and you can work from anywhere and dictate your own working hours and amount of work. Maybe you can even get certified overtime!

5. Translation
Now, for this one, you actually need to know at least two languages to the extent where you can conduct research in both languages. Having studied translation, I found out professional translators almost always translate into their native language. This way, you don't need to actively know your target language: it is enough to understand grammar and to be able to search for words or phrases you don't know. My tips are to register to some of the translation websites out there and stating your rates clearly. Translation can be a lot of fun with all the problem solving and detective work you are going to be doing! Starting to translate takes a while, but once you find a few projects and get happy clients that will come back to you, it will get easier. Although I have taken many advanced courses in translation theory and will soon get my degree, the best way to learn translation is by doing it. I wholeheartedly recommend you try it, I never knew it would be something I enjoy but nowadays it really gets me into a state of flow.

Here you have it! These are the ways I have been able to earn some extra money while studying full-time. Have you worked part-time? I would love to hear from you readers! Please share any ideas or comments in the comment box below and help us all out. My dream is to make a platform for like-minded young women, where we could all share our ideas and support each other in meeting our goals!

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