How to Make Your Legs Appear Longer

As a short-legged person (with a long torso) I often go through times of extreme frustration, mostly happening while shopping for jeans. I myself have googled furiously for different tips, but there are not that many out there, so I decided to share some of the tips and tricks I have developed so far. What to do to look more balanced?

#1 Wear high-waisted everything
I used to despise high-waisted pieces of clothing, but in my defense, it was before I knew any better! Nowadays I almost always go for a high-waist type of jeans or skirts. And this goes almost without saying: avoid low-waisted pieces of clothing like plague. It has the opposite effect.

#2 Tuck in your shirt
This is a great tip for creating the illusion of longer legs. It makes you look immediately more balanced. (This just gave me the idea to make a more detailed post with pictures to illustrate.) I swear by this, try it and see what a difference it makes! It also flatters people with a smaller waist, bringing forth some curves!

#3 Wear A-lined dresses and skirts
I love love love A-lined everything! They look so flattering for this build. It blurs the lines so to say, meaning it is harder to tell where legs start (making people think they start higher) and thus, makes it perfect for making your legs appear longer and your body more balanced!

#4 Nude shoes
I read this tip somewhere recently and I am yet to incorporate it, but I totally get what this is about: an illusion. Wearing nude shoes will make your legs appear longer and you can tell the difference between wearing a nude (as in, close to your skin color) heel as opposed to black, for example! For this to work though, you need to be wearing something that exposes some leg to begin with.

#5 Matching shoes with your pants or stockings
Tip number five is related to the earlier one, just that you need to try and match the color of your shoes with the color of your pants or your stockings. For example, wearing black stockings with black heels creates the illusion of longer legs by making one, continuous line. I love it!

If you have something to add to the list of tricks, please share them in the comments below!

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