How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

It gets awfully cold here in Finland for several months in the winter and sometimes we need to sacrifice style (looking like bulky snowmen) to stay warm - or do the opposite and get our feet frozen. I have been researching this topic for quite some time now and feel confident in sharing some tips for how to stay warm while looking stylish. It is a trial and error type of a thing, but doable if you focus on the right things.

Wear layers
At the risk of sounding Mrs. Obvious, I have to stress this because wearing layers is one of the best ways to stay warm outside. It is also a great tip for going to the mall (or anywhere where it is warm) in the winter: being able to peel off some of the layers is much needed, we definitely do not want to get sweaty. I recommend thin layers: stockings under the pants and thermal layers. I have thermal stockings and a thermal long sleeved shirt I got from Walmart and they work perfectly well and do not make me look bulky. I can wear jeans on top of stockings and cute sweaters on top of the thermal layers. It also helps in another way: no need to wash your clothes quite as often when the layers underneath protect the clothes.

Wear a long coat
I go with a long coat that covers my butt and keeps my legs warm. Ideally, this coat should be tied at the waist with a belt, just to accentuate your figure and again preventing the bulkiness. The coat I am using stays close to my skin and keeps me insulated. For extremely cold weathers, I would recommend getting a coat with a zipper rather than buttons, as in my experience cold wind finds its way through buttonholes.

Wear wool and cashmere
I normally go for the cheapest (preferably second hand) items, but polyester does not keep you warm. A few months ago I managed to find a navy blue cashmere sweater for half the original price and I am still so excited. This year I did not have to worry about it getting cold, because I have been armed with wool sweaters (pro tip: wear a thermal layer underneath so it won't get ticklish) and my beloved cashmere addition.

Get a big enough bag to fit your beanie and gloves in
I have lost countless gloves, scarves, and beanies when I have neglected this piece of advice. It is not very practical to carry all these in your hands and something is almost bound to get lost. It literally hurts when it happens, it is no fun walking home with just one glove, hands freezing. In a bigger bag, you can also store an extra layer or a pair of socks to change if snow gets into your boots - this has happened to me countless of times and I really really would have needed a dry pair of socks to keep warm! Proper preparation is necessary during all the winter months.

+ Tip: Stay warm by drinking hot beverages: my favorites are hot cocoa and a steaming cup of glögg, a traditional mulled wine common to every Nordic country. It is spicy, tasty & comes with or without alcohol!

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