My Favorite Podcasts in 2018

I can't believe I am sharing this with everyone who happens to come across my blog, but I did not have a clue what a podcast is only a few years ago. Maybe it was something new here in Finland or I had not met anyone who listens to podcasts, but in any case, I was missing out! Podcasts are life-savers! Especially for people with a daily commute. My commute is currently about an hour a day, so I get to listen to a lot of different podcasts, especially as I also listen to podcasts when cleaning. 

I thought it would be fun to share my favorites with you, please let me know if you have listened to them and what are some of your favorite podcasts! I am always on the lookout for new podcasts, no matter what the topic or the theme is. It is actually one of my favorite things to look for new things to listen to through the recent episodes listing or writing random keywords in the search box. As a side note, I use an app called Podcast Addict to listen to podcasts. It helps me greatly with keeping up with the new episodes and has never failed me. Sometimes I forget to subscribe to a new podcast (when searching with keywords etc.) never to find it again, so as a reminder for everyone, always subscribe if what you're listening to resonates with you and you want to check out more episodes in the future! Now that I have listed why, where and how to listen to podcasts, let us get to the list of what to listen to:

This is perhaps my all-time favorite, and I am serious! Awesome Etiquette is a podcast by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, who are cousins. They are from the Emily Post Institute, based in Vermont. Their weekly podcast gives a lot of insight into all thing’s etiquette, being kind to each other and sharing useful scripts for handling tough situations that the listeners send to the podcast. I also love their post-script segment, there is always something I did not know or had not considered before. Thanks to Awesome Etiquette, I feel less dread over social situations and feel more confident about being able to socialize with others successfully. I wholeheartedly recommend giving their podcast a try!

A guru of self-growth, Tim Ferriss was one of the reasons I got so into the self-improvement world. I remember watching a video of him learning new languages fast and I got really inspired by his energy and way of communicating. He has become skilled in interviewing others and because of the considerable size of his audience, has been able to get some pretty impressive people on his show. Whenever I feel stuck in a rut, I go back to some of my favorite episodes by him or read a chapter of one of his books (we have many). 

I discovered Sam Harris through the recommendation of my husband, who has many of his books (perks of having a well-read husband). He is a neuroscientist, an author, and a philosopher. I have read some of them and find him extremely inspiring. Whenever I listen to his podcast, I have books to add on my to-read list and most importantly, I feel like going and grabbing a book right then and there to keep learning. I especially admire his eloquence and clarity, he speaks the way most people write and that in and of itself is insanely cool. I like the philosophical topics and anything related to meditation - and speaking of meditation, he recently launched an app with lessons and short, guided meditations. 

I found this podcast through Podcast Addict and have been following for quite some time. Anna is so upbeat, inspiring and coherent. I like the practical advice she gives and also the personal bits that make her super relatable. Her podcast is one of the reasons I decided to start my blog, although I was listening for a long time without actually doing anything. Her own story is very inspiring and she has grown her website into a platform for helping women with their careers and setting goals. All she does is actually something I would love to do in the future!

A few years ago I got really into reading about finances and investing & minored in Business Administration. That's when I discovered Freakonomics Radio through Podcast Addict and it has really helped me learn and internalize concepts and phenomena related to economics. They have interesting guests, a very fun way of delivering the message (it is like listening to a story) and while every single episode might not be of interest initially, there is always something that can be useful or something I hear more about later. Recently, there was an episode about creativity and it got me very inspired! Another push for starting my blog! If you like their podcast, I would also recommend the books written by Stephen J. Dubner.

Looking at my list now, I feel like the fact that I am curious is easy to see. However, while the topics of each podcast might seem very different at first glance, they are all very much related to personal development. I think podcasts are a great way to learn while doing something like cleaning, folding laundry, doing your makeup or hair, anything really that does not require your full focus. It also makes less nice tasks a lot more enjoyable (I reward myself with an episode of a favorite podcast whenever I go running at 5am in the cold Finnish winter - I need a treadmill!). 

Do you listen to podcasts? If you have any favorites, especially if they are about self-improvement, share them with me and the others in the comments below! And if you don't listen to podcasts, is there are a reason for that? It would be great to find out what you guys think about podcasts!

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